About The Van Cortlandt Baseball League

Baseball home plate

Established in 2003,

The Van Cortlandt Baseball League (VCBL) is a non-profit organization that provides an outlet for young men to grow and develop, while playing one of America’s most favorite pastimes.

With more than thirty teams and over 500 players, the Van Cortlandt Baseball League organizes events that allow athletes to demonstrate their talent in a safe environment.   For four consecutive years the VCBL has held their international baseball tournament in Van Cortland Park.  And in doing so, they’ve been able to extend invitations to teams like; Antonio Concepción Baseball League, whose young players hail from the Dominican Republic.  The VCBL are not strangers to traveling.  The coaches and players are accustomed to playing in state like New Jersey, Virginia, and Texas. Meeting reputable challengers, hitting a few balls into center field, and sliding to home plate is an everlasting experience player’s look forward to. The fundamentals learned–win or loose–builds more than character for VCBL athletes; it builds Home Runs on and off the field.  The Van Cortlandt Baseball Leagues commitment has gained attention from many influential MLB players namely; Robinson Cano who visited the VCBL on opening day and encouraged players to stay positive and work hard for the things they want in life.

Johnny Arias, the President of the Van Cortlandt Baseball League continues to diversify the VCBL by introducing athletes to more inspirational characters and providing opportunities that builds confidence, dedication, and discipline within each player. “More young man, age 6 through 19 continue to join the VCBL and we build more teams and activities to accommodate their potential,” said Arias. “Our mission is to provide a place where everyone can feel safe and build on their dreams; after all–this is the last stop to the MLB.” As a former minor leagues player, a former coach for the Riverdale Kingsbridge Academy, a Pro 1 Sports Advisor, and a Wheels Academy Coach his accomplishments has solidified his role for the Van Cortlandt Baseball League. 

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